Thursday, June 5, 2014

Putting It All Together: A List of Titles After A Year of Subbing All Over

This has been an amazing year for my brain. I've been subbing all over my school district, and have had a variety of mainly positive experiences that give me perspective on what our teachers and students go through daily, from east to west. I'm ending the year with a four-week-stint teaching ELD Newcomers at Milwaukie High School. Now I hope to catalog my experiences and formulate a bigger picture of what's going on in education--the scientific, pedogical, realistic, irreverent, harsh, hilarious and emotional truth of it all, as I see it. First, please let me know which topic you'd like to read about first:

1. Do You Remember Me? 
2. The ELD Experience 
3. High School Teachers and Humor
4. The Internal Workings of an Adolescent
5. How Long is Adolescence, Really? 
6. The Anatomy of a Staff Room
7. The School I Will Build Now
8. Did He Really Just Say That?
9. Oh God, the Drama!
10. When Will I Ever Use This?

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