Saturday, August 31, 2013

On Not Going Back To Work This Week

As all my cohorts drag their sun-weary bodies out of bed and slog through their semi-familiar morning routine, I'm not going back to work today. I wondered how I'd feel about this, but right now I don't feel much except for fine. A tad anxious about income, but mostly fine, free, happy and like it's every other summer day. Maybe next week when all the students return to school, I'll feel a pang, or maybe not. Really, I think I'll be most affected my first day of subbing, when I'm actually returning, but in such a different way than I had been teaching.

I look forward to exploring the district from different perspectives, getting into new schools and teaching different ages. This also sounds a bit overwhelming, so I'll ease into it. Actually, the at-risk middle/high school (where many of my former students ended up) sounds more do-able than, say, kindergarten. We'll see. I think I'll work my way down to younger kids gradually. I'd like to try subbing at PACE, a place for pregnant and parenting teens, the Arts Academy, as well as charter schools and alternative programs that our district offers. I'll find the right number of days to work to pay the bills, and I'll make the adjustments needed for the nanny-share we are entering into, without worrying about needing to  leave O every day.

I will miss being a part of a team. The isolation may be hard for me, but I bet I'll reach out and stay connected with my old cohort. And I get to spend most of this year watching my son grow up--being the main influence in his life, like, most of the hours of the day. For that, I am incredibly thankful.