Saturday, April 6, 2013


Wow. I had a whole week off and I didn't even write a blog post. I did, however, thoroughly enjoy watching my baby boy grow up in small, incremental steps. How can I slow down time and still get to summer vacation ASAP?

Here are some of Ollin's latest achievements:

  • Standing without realizing it
  • Waving his hand across the span of area to his right or left in a Vanna White gesture
  • Scrunching up his face and smiling in a flirty way
  • Obsessing over books for long periods of time, making humming noises the whole time he turns the pages
  • Skipping his afternoon nap
  • Sprouting four molars months ahead of schedule
  • Saying "giggle giggle giggle giggle"

Some of Mama's achievements: 

  • Applying for six jobs online
  • Going to the zoo with my family (Papa's achievement: braving the crowds and the shuttle bus)
  • Three play dates for Ollin
  • House cleaning
  • Refreshing myself with a break from middle schoolers
  • Three days of gardening with my family

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