Sunday, June 17, 2012

To Blog or Not To?

Recently I’ve been thinking about starting a mama blog. For some reason I’ve been a bit hesitant, so I thought I’d make a list. Here it goes.
Reasons to start a mama blog:                                                                    
  •   Record my experiences with O
  •   Keep up my writing skills
  •  Outlet for my ideas and emotions
  •  Help me keep my sense of humor
  •  Share “precious moments” with friends and family
  •   Network with other moms, get (and give) advice/info
  •   Be more productive than facebook 
  •  Could lead to some other opportunities...

Reasons NOT to start one:
  •    Self-indulgent, narcissistic
  •   Hate typing one-handed
  •   Takes time from really being present with O (like looking @ pics of baby while baby is right there)
  •   Would have to edit myself too much to really share with friends and family
  •    All that laundry

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